I’m too sexy for my art, so please don’t fart.

Sometimes my twin flame and I go back in time and search for good memories music and exchange stories, because we came together after living almost 50 yeas apart in another country. (So if you haven’t find your twinflame yet, there is still hope and let me tell you it’s worth the wait.) As we remembered and listened to one song after the other, we came across I’m too  sexy for my shirt, so sexy it hurts, by Right Said Fred 2006. This song became an ear-worm for two weeks, I even came a cross a review ” I WASN’T READY!| Right Said Fred – I’m Too Sexy REACTION

What has this to do with my art and all the other stuff I am doing? Well one thing this guy in his reaction said struck me, he said; we all should have so much confidence! And I would even go further and say that we not only should have that level of confidence but also be that relaxed and not taking life too serious, laugh about ourself. No I don’t mean you shouldn’t take yourself serious, you are a most important person in your own life. There is a difference between serious and serious, I mean you should be serious, deeply interested : DEVOTED to yourself and not too Serious thoughtful or subdued in appearance or manner : SOBER. Think about it would you rather like to meet someone who is fun and sparkly than boring and earnest.

Let me tell you a secret you can do serious things and have fun at the same time.

As my brother died, he was buried with Indonesian tradition, his wife has Indonesian roots, that ment we as next of kin had to literally burry him. As we were shoveling dirt in his grave there was a release of tention, as you change what you do with your body you change your state and you can’t be al serious and shovel at the same time, by shoveling a bit of the seriousness that we think a funeral should have was taken away.

As my brother helped a lot of people he was expecting people to help him too. For me as a little brother this meant that he expected  that I would help him around his riding school, that he was turning into a party centre called Outlaw City. As we were shoveling I mentioned that he managed to get me working for him even after he was dead. We all laughed and it cleared the air. It helped to deal with the mourning.

Sometime we go over the top by being serious and we forget that life should be fun. I know some days I can be an expert in this, but some days I remember and I sing, I’m to sexy for my shirt, or snie sna Schnappy or la la the Smurf la la and think about my father who was very successful at what he did but also had a lot of fun. And I think a big part of his success is due to the joy he found in what he did.

How can you improve your fun level in your day to day life? Let me know in the comments.

P.S. Did you know I started creating “De_Lights” light sculptures, check them out hier.
I am planing on making personalized De_Lights feel free to contact me if you would like to know more. 


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