The De-Lights

A girl runs trough the woods, no she is not frightened, there are no cookies and there is no wolf. She is happy and gay with a sint of panic creeping in. Shleit, it’s getting dark, she has forgotten the time, again. In a split moment she hears her father, who isn’t really her father, shouting, “ why are you so late?’ That’s simple, the same reason why she is always late, she got distracted, the beautiful flowers, the little holes in the trees that look like doors where tine people could live. And now it happened again, it’s a curse, but she feels realy good when she looks at these things and start to imagine stories. But what about the story of real life, she needs to go home, how would she find her way in this dark forrest? She should be scared, in panic but she looks at the moon that is trying to poor his light between the leafs, then in the corner of her eye she noticed something, automatically her head turns to the left, there it is again, a faint flickering light. Her hart jumps, something to discover, what is it, it looks likes it comes towards her and is emitting more light. It looks like that the more excited she gets the more light it’s emitting, could it be what she thinks it is?What she hopes, could it be a de-light?

  • Shleit is a word from this other realm you could translate into Shit but has a more oh no, that’s not good feel to it.

A dancer is guided by the music, emerged, her bare dancing feet swirling up the the dust and her eyes closed. Around me, I see the people enjoying themselves, each in his own way, A child cradles his self-made De_Light on the beat of the music. An old man leans on his staff with the symbol of the Orac-De_Light, looking as a very wise man himself. You can see the De_Lights everywhere, even in real life, but never in captivity. A delight embodies freedom, a De_light is free. They are therefore imitated and portrayed, All people want to be free. This inspired me to make replica’s too, so I can distract you long enough to stop thinking and emerge in the moment open to discover what is in front of you, discover life and be De_Lighted…