Other Artworks

The wings of a dragonfly are mesmerizing, they are like a world of their one. If you look closely you can discover these worlds. As you can in in the body and it’s surroundings.

Technical: Size about 1m x 1m he dragonfly body and it’s surroundings are acrylics on dibond. The wings are Oil’s on dibond.

Discovery 1.0 2020

The bravest man is an artist, because he/she has to boldly go where not many men has gone before. To discover the inspiration inside. The hardest task is to clear al that’s in the way for it to be expressed in the medium of his our her choice.

Technical: The painting is a quadriptych on four panels about 50cm x 100 cm and has organically evolves into what it has become, Acrylic on dibond