Available Artworks

Feel free to contact me if you would like to own one of these originals.

De_Lighted in the ‘woods’», 2021

The De_Light doing it thing.

Would you like to discover and be delighted as I ones was on my bucket at age 5 touched by art for the first time. Going from painting to sculpting and adding light, using different materials there was so much to discover and I started dreaming of a realm where these organic ,creatures’ the ‘DE_Lights’ as I call them would be seen as a symbol of freedom. At a time when freedom was reduced in our realm. Let me distract you from the ratrace and daily life, into a world of delight and discovery so you can feel free, if only for a moment, like you are walking in nature and suddenly a butterfly passes by, in your delight you follow this creature and as you are pulled into this other realm of ‘here and now’ you are free…
Imagine in this other realm there would be a girl lost in, what we would call, “woods” and there she encounters a ‘De_Light’, bringing her this sense of Discovery and De_light…

Technical: The ‘De_Light’ has wings as you give it a little push it will move up and down a couple of times thereby flapping it’s wings trough the construction (note not trough electronics) the lights in the wings, body and mouth will flicker independently. The De_Light is attached to a painting and a little light beam from its mouth shines on the eyes of the girl in the ‘woods’. Both the painting and the De_Light are painted in a way that they are both aesthetic pleasing whether there is ambient light or not.

First De_Light 2020

The Fist De_Light is a light-sculpture and the result of creating freely and experimenting with different materials

Dragonfly fly 2020

The wings of a dragonfly are mesmerizing, they are like a world of their one. If you look closely you can discover these worlds. As you can in in the body and it’s surroundings.

Technical: Size about 1m x 1m he dragonfly body and it’s surroundings are acrylics on dibond. The wings are Oil’s on dibond.

Discovery 1.0 2020

The bravest man is an artist, because he/she has to boldly go where not many men has gone before. To discover the inspiration inside. The hardest task is to clear al that’s in the way for it to be expressed in the medium of his our her choice.

Technical: The painting is a quadriptych on four panels about 50cm x 100 cm and has organically evolves into what it has become, Acrylic on dibond