My Story

if you don’t start your journey you won’t discover anything is my quote. In Dutch, “zonder te vertrekken ga je niets ontdekken”  (Rob van der Lei) 
Let me take you on a journey exploring the worlds inside my head. As long as I can remember there is a longing to explore these world. Like a normal journey I first had to prepare. Learn life’s lessons develop myself and painting skills. But now its time to go. Come with me and explore these worlds, their cultures, the people and creatures that live in them. Maybe you get inspired to do something creative too. I believe we are all creative creatures. By practicing our creativity we find a piece of ourselves, that makes us happier and free. But our creativity is often killed by fear. Fear is the thing that holds us back, to do the thing we love. What do you love? What’s your passion, that’s suppressed so long, that it’s almost forgotten. Maybe by taking this journey with me, it will awaken, like a prehistoric creature that hibernates in a forgotten place, first it opens one eye, slowly moves a finger, then his whole body is moving, it gets up, in a cloud of dust it arises. When the dust has come to rest the creature is gone… gone to.. explore… What will it do? What will you do with your new found sense of discovery, become a collector, make some art of your own, or both?

Things that interest me are art, creativity, meditation, self development, love and making the world a better place, If you would like to connect and/or exchange thoughts, feel free to contact me. LL Rob.