Rob van der Lei

Aren’t we free from worrying, when we follow a butterfly that suddenly passes by?
Drawn in the realm of here and now, because we would like to discover more and we lose ourself in the moment.
In that moment we are free…

The delight of discovery , where my inner artist leads me, that is freedom for me”. Let me De_Light you trough Discovery and help your creative child within to come out and play.

How? I like to creates worlds that invites the viewer to embark on a journey of discovery, igniting stories of worlds with foreign tastes and flavors where strange objects, creatures and symbols float trough a mystical landscape in an under water like universe. The story we tell ourselves impacts our lives. Where we focus on how we react makes all the difference on how we feel. Let my art and work trigger a new and better story for your life.

New Art —>

Discovery 1,0 Acrylic paint on Dibond 1m x 4 times 0,5m