A Dream De_Light sculpture

Your true essence in a light sculpture.

Maybe you are at a crossroad in your life, something needs to change, but what.

Many of us have followed the usual road of school, career, marriage, maybe kids, but did you ever ask yourself what you want, and I mean really you, just for you and only you? Or do you think you know what you want, but it seem impossible, inappropriate or too far fetched.

I have been at such a point in my life, burnout, the healing came with rediscovering myself.

Let us take this journey of discovery together, Let’s find out what your true essence is.

What could make you happy every day and how could you get more of that in your life?

Focussing on lost, less or never brings negative feelings, but if you find a way to trigger that feeling of having exactly what you want, or something better, you start to see the possibilities and then serendipity/Synchronicity kicks in. Strange coincidences start to happen and it looks like you are more alive, a divine force inside you awakes.

This feeling, this force is your essence. 

Let’s make that trigger, Let’s have a deep conversation to determine that essence and of this distillate, I will make you a very personal artwork, that symbolizes that essence, that is you, a daily reminder of who you really are and what you really want, so the good vibes can flow.

De_Lighted in the “woods’

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