Imagine there is a De_Lights that mimics your personality, your life, the things you like? Of course it would still be a De_Light, only elements of it’s Mutualistically symbiont, (you or your loved one) will effects it look and feel and maybe even it’s sound. This will make it a unique piece of art that is created only for you.

Every person is unique, every life that’s lived or has ever been lived is unique, A Commissioned De_Lights that celebrate that life, your personality.

As I started to paint memorial paintings I discovered that some of the elements intuitively found their way into the painting. The more I focused on that the better they became.

Would you like to own your personalized De_Light or would like to know more, feel free to contact me or call/Whatsapp me +31610562396

Payment made easy.
To make your purchaser easier I offer you the posibility to pay in installments