Unblock your ass part 1

As I started the painting for the artprice luxembourg I knew I wanted it to be something special, like alway of-course. I did some great paintings but somthing was missing, at least in my opinion. But I could not figure out what. At the age of five, I was touched by art, I was exhilarated and at  peace at the same time, a connection with my inner spirit that recognized his longing for Discovery.  Sinds that day I wanted to create something that would give me the same feeling and if possible I would like other people to feel the same way by my art and/or work. That would be the best. First I started to learn, by copying Walt Disney Like Donald Duck and Pluto. My brother learned me to draw shadows. As a kid I would practice by drawing the Pont des Trous. Later in life I started to dream about being a cartoonist.

And started to draw a little figures with different rases and occupations and got better and better. However I thought I was too slow to be “a real artist”. We tend to think of all kinds of reasons why we can’t do things. Do you want do do something creative, but you don’t do it. What do you tell yourself? I’m serious, let me know in the comments below, send me an email, or just call me, and we talk, because I have bin there, done that, bought a T-shirt. ?

As my English teacher showed me a book about airbrushing, I had never heard of it at the time, but it got me inspired and I swapped my remote control car for an airbrush. I was not disappointed with my first attempt. Although I had no compressor, no freehand experience and used gouache instead of airbrush paints.

But why am I telling you all this. I would like to show you how it took me 45years to block and unblock. And in the proces let you see that you will develop your skills. If we compare our first attempts with experienced artist’s we get discouraged, unless we can somehow convince ourself that we can be as good as them.

Want to know more of fearless creating, discovering you own style or want to know more about my art feel free to contact me.

And remember, follow the fun. 


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