Overcoming Creative Obstacles

You want to create a masterpiece or a bestseller but instead you are looking at a white canvas or a blank screen. The blinking cursor on your screen reminds you that you dit not write a singel word. The blobs of paint on your pallet seam to talk to you with a melancholic voice:” please put us back in the tubes, we are drying out here.” 

You are waiting for inspiration but it doesn’t want to come out and play. Or you have inspiration, you want to make a painting with a Tiger in it, however you cant find a Tiger with the right pose. You search the internet and after a while you forgot about the Tiger al together. You came from Tigers on panthers, from leopards to leopards-prints  from leopards-print to leopards-prints underwear  from leopards-prints underwear to….

Ahum, Yes where was I?

As creatives we are easily distracted. Because al things could be an inspiration. But how do we focus and stay creative at the same time?

I once talked to a businessman who told me that his creative salespeople had to follow a protocol. At the time I did not understand. Creatives should be free, or not. He said that wen they used the protocol creatively than they had the most succes. 

Now I think he meant that if you know the basics, it’s easier to break the rules and put your own voice in it.

You can say something insulting to a friend, in order to tease him, and in the same time strengthen the bound you have as friends.

So what should be our protocol? The protocol is simple. watch out, here it comes:


If you had no fear you would put the paint on the canvas, if you had no fear you would write. If you would be fearless you wouldn’t care if you made a mistake or not. And let me tell you if you are able to create fearless you get better results. It’s like tossing a wad of paper in the bin. If you don’t think and just toss the wad over your shoulder, you probably hit. But if you aim ver carefully you probably miss.

In order to be fearless you need to be certain or trust. I can tell from experience that both options work. If you are certain you’ll succeed, then you don’t have to worry about failing. If you can trust that it’s al going to work out for you, you’ll be fine too. There is a third option that you can use together with Trust and that’s being careless. If you don’t care if you’ll succeed or not, you don’t need to fear anything and being careless doesn’t sound very positive or heroic, however…

From experience: in the most right panel of the painting Discovery 1,0 I wanted to paint a birdlike being. I had painted it in my mind and there it looked great. Then I started to paint it on the panel and wanted to do it to perfect thereby ruining it. I started painting the bird unsure and not trusting my skills and my inner-artist. But now I fucked it up I was free again, Trusting and carless at the same time. It was already ruined i was certain that it could only get better. And it did, it became exactly as i painted it in my mind or maybe even better.

I think this is true for life as well. Fear keeps us from asking the girl out. Luckily our hormones pushes us forward. The pasion is bigger than the fear. 

I believe if we are able to create from pasion and love we can be fearless enough to create our masterpiece ore bestseller our… what ever we want.

Want to know more of fearless creating, discovering you own style or want to know more about my art feel free to contact me.

And remember, follow the fun. 


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