Is something holding you back?

Do you have a love, hate relationship with your art. You want to create something but it’s not turning out as you imagine it. Or you are so scared that you don’t create at all, but every time you see someone else’s creation your hart makes a little happy dance.

I am happy to support you on your journey to the place where al those fears originate so you can rid of them for ones and for all. To be able to create freely and really start to make some awesome art. To create in what I call the Inneristic style.

The Inneristic style depends on the inner-being, the creator within. Feeling good while creating is the first priority. Many artist’s know, they love to create, but are only feeling good at the beginning and at the end of their creative process. In the beginning, while an idea is born, at the end, while they finally finished the work and have the result to show.

I believes, if you are in alignment with your inner-being or the divine part of you, then it feels good. However, as we create, we are often frustrated and acting out of fear, distracted by what we think or thinking what others think. Thinking is allowed, but should always be in service of the inner-being, the real artist. No judgement, if the creation, the artwork is good or bad, the only thing to consider is, if the process is feeling good. “You know when you feel that feeling, when you feel it”. The aim is to create with only that feeling. The feeling of excitement and tranquility and inner peace.