Escape planing.

Let us plan your escape…

I was sitting in my living room and depressed and burned out. I didn’t care about anything, if the house would caught fire I would stay put and burn with the house. Then I saw a video of Tony Robbins, he said, “The quality of your Life depends on the questions you ask and the decisions you make. I started to ask myself, “Why am I so happy” even tough I wasn’t. And it worked. As your brain is a little computer that starts searching for an answer right away. It came up with answers that made me think about al the things I could be grateful for. Thinking about these little things made me happier and as I became happier more thing could be added to the ‘happy list’. Now it was time to make the right decisions. As I went to the job-office and showed them my resume with 18 years of job-experience, I said, ” take a good look, I am never going to do that ever again’. That was a bold move, because one of the reasons that I burned out, was that I thought there would be no way out of that occupation. But there was, in fact there were many, but I was focused on what I did not wanted instead of what I wanted, well I didn’t even know what I wanted.

It took me several years to get ready to plan my escape. I would like to help you to plan your escape now, because I know how much fun it can be and how it will improve your live right away, as soon as you start planning.