A traveler riding to the two sunny sunsets. He looks a bit like a lone ranger although the only resembling feature is his detriment look. This time he is going to find it. His mind brings him back to the day that he was a 5 years old seeing the treasure map. It was beautiful, so mysterious so inviting so…, Right then he knew, he had to find this place of excitement, peace and total bliss. Now he was on his way again, he traveled so far, had so many detours, but now he was on the right track, he could feel it. He also felt that a beautiful spirit just joined him, he looked up, eyes met, no words are needed. 

Two travelers, he and his twin flame ride on trough a field of a special art of ‘changeflowers” These flowers smell different every day. Somedays good, somedays terrible, but overall they smell better everyday. But they are happy that they left the valley of “Ratrace-weeds”. They promise themselves that if they ever go back, not to pas trough this valley again. In the distance something is moving, it looks like a man on a Pleinairial, a creature that’s at least 40 years old. He is probably one of the old travelers. Would he know the way? He has stopped at a well. The discoverer and his twin flame stop to water their Mary Horses. Mary Horses are named after a soul that wants to experience problems but finds total euphoria, love and lust instead. Beautiful creatures with their different skin tones and waving hair. The discoverer starts a conversation with the stranger as he pets the Pleinairial with his tripod looking feet. These feet are suited for almost any terrain. “Where are you going?”, the discoverer asks. “I know where you want to go”, he answers, “I could help you on your way” ” I know you can, would you do that?” The discoverer replies.

Three travelers are on their way to the destination of the treasure map. Where X makes the spot… The discoverer looks at his wrist. The white skin indicates  that there ones was a watch that inhabit the sunrays from coloring the skin. Coachy on his Pleinairial is wearing the watch now, but both men know the exchange was most beneficial for the discoverer or… maybe there is another benefit in showing someone the way…