(Conquer your artistic fear and become an artist)

You would like to paint beautiful pictures, maybe you started some courses and never finished, or as long as you do the workshop it’s fine, but at home you put it off and feel overwhelmed and don’t know, if you’re good enough for your next project.

Do you hide your creative work? Or are even too scared to start.

Let us find the answers. It took me a long time to recovered from my shadow artist life (as Julia Cameron calls the artist, that live in the “dark”) and become a successful artist. I learned the technics of an airbrush, oil and Acrylic painter, even sculpting, but what’s the use, if you can’t be a real artist as you imagined it? Julia says, you have to be ready to be a bad artist, before you can become a great artist. And I can attest to that.

The teachings of Julia Cameron from her book “The Artist’s Way” is one of the tools to help you find your inner artist, together with the technical and self development skills I am ready to coach you if you are really committed, that is.

Let’s connect and see, if we could work together. Contact me trough email or call/Whatsapp me +31610562396.