Commissions voor X-Mas

Imagine how happy your mother would be with a painting of her grandchild.
In the custom portrait I ad symbols that makes the painting even more personal and meaningful.
Would you like to give a special gift to that person that’s special to you? Contact me how we can make it a special gift.


On canvas size 40 cm (5,75 inch) x 60 cm (23,62 inch) (ask if you would like to have another)

  • Portrait in oil-paints per face € 350,-
  • Portrait pencil sketch per face € 100,-
  • Custom Portrait in oil-paints per face € 450,-
  • Custom Portrait pencil sketch per face € 150,-
  • Portrait in oil-paints per pet € 500,-
  • Portrait pencil sketch per pet € 250,-

This offer will be for a limited time only, so…

What do I need?
A good picture where you can see the pupils in the eyes.
I can visit to do a life painting in addition I charge €0,99/km from 54586 Schüller, Germany to your location.

If you are interested or have a question, feel free to contact me or call me 0031(0)610562396